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RespectZone FAQs

What is a ‘Respect Zone’?

A ‘respect zone’ is a designated area, which is ‘zoned off’ for a wide variety of purposes.
These include creating designated spectator areas for those football clubs who have committed to supporting the FA Respect Programme and also creating a technical area between spectators and the touchline to allow managers, linesmen and coaches to work effectively and safely.

You can select a number of different components including your own branded safety poles, to facilitate marking out a designated area on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.
This highly effective and visually powerful system is easy to install, clean and maintain - and comes complete in various sized kits to suit many applications, depending on the length and size of the area to be zoned off.

We manufacture and supply Respect Zone Barriers into a wide range of sporting environments including Football, Rugby, Athletics, Cross Country, Fell Running, Gaelic Football, Hiking and many others.
We also offer a bespoke respect zone barrier system manufacturing service for business areas which would benefit from our unique Zone Tape and Safety Poles System, applicable to the Leisure, Commercial and Retail sectors.

The effectiveness and durability of the Respect Zone barriers has meant that they are currently also being used by the Rugby Football League, the Football Association of Ireland and Yorkshire RFU together with many clubs who have signed up to the FA Respect Programme.

This website will provide you with valuable information and resources relating to respect zones, plus details of pricing and a comprehensive selection of products and accessories to support you and your match day experience.

What do people say about RespectZone Barriers?

Which kit do I need?

We now only supply one size kit.
This kit is sufficient to cover both sides of a junior or mini pitch and contains 2 x 60m of rope.
If you want to use this for a single side of a full size pitch then you can.
If you want to use a Respect Barrier on both sides of a full size pitch then you will need 2 kits.

How easy is the RespectZone Barrier to install?

Very easy. The RespectZone Barrier has been designed to be erected by one person with ease. Once you are familiar with the set up procedure, a standard 2 sided senior pitch can usually be installed in around 10 minutes.

These instructions relate to those customers who have purchased Respect Zone barrier systems with tape.
The instructions to install and dismantle a Respect Zone barrier with rope are the same.

Setup demonstration

Check out our online walkthrough, demonstrating just how easy setting up a RespectZone Barrier System really is!

Is any maintenance of the RespectZone Barrier required?

Very little. The product has been designed to a high specification using materials that are durable, hard wearing and waterproof. Regular cleaning of the surfaces with water and a soft cloth will prolong the lifespan of the product.
It is important to follow the instructions correctly as most problems are caused by users not following the instructions.

Can I have my own branded barrier?

We currently manufacture bespoke barriers for a number of organisations and companies.
These are used across a number of sports, business and commercial areas.
If you wish to design your own , please contact us for further details.

What happens if the ground is hard or frozen?

To assist with the installation of the Respect Zone Barrier in hard or frozen ground, we offer a Ground Preparation Tool, which makes putting the safety poles into the ground easier.

Can the RespectZone Barrier be used on solid surfaces?

Yes, for surfaces such as Astroturf® or other artificial surfaces a Pole Surface Fixing can be purchased, which converts the standard poles into above ground Respect Zone Barriers

Can additional poles be added to the RespectZone Barrier system?

Yes, it is advised that in extreme weather conditions additional support poles be used in order to further stabilise the standard RespectZone Barrier system.

Is the RespectZone Barrier covered by a guarantee?

Yes, a 12 month guarantee covers all parts subject to normal use.

Can I buy components and spare parts?

Yes. All of the components can be bought separately to add to existing RespectZone Barriers.

Is the Barrier System durable & safe to use?

During product development all of the components have been tested extensively to ensure they are durable and safe. The product is made purely out of plastic manufactured to specific standards. Our business has a commercial partnership with Salford University who test all of our products rigorously. Using data fed back to us from the Football Association pilots and other work completed with the Rugby Football League we have had no reported incidents to date concerning health and safety of either Children or Adults.

There are no metal parts used in this product.

All of this data and other information relating to the safety of the product have been passed to our insurers who are satisfied with the specification of this product from a health and safety / durability perspective.

What warranty is in place?

The product is guaranteed against manufacturing defect failure for 12 months.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.