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What people say about RespectZone Barriers

"As a result of Respect Barrier Kits, it now looks like poles with metal spikes and spray paint to mark out lines, are a thing of the past."

Mal Lee
Founder of the Don't X the Line Campaign
Read Mal's report here...

Mal Lee

"It felt that the pitch was bigger today as usually the supporters and managers come on to the pitch, it was better for taking throw-ins too"

Ben Birch - Player
Hillgate boys FC

Mal Lee

"At junior level the parents are often more vocal in support of their team, the fact that the Zone tape in front of you and has Respect written on it makes you think twice before shouting out"

Peter Holloway - Referee Cheshire County FA

Mal Lee

"I don’t have to worry about substitutes getting mixed up with players on the touchline anymore as the barriers provide a clear divide"

Ray Bennett – Referee
Stockport & District

Mal Lee

“It felt good to have a bit more room on the touchline; we only usually get this in cup competitions. In cup games we are the ones who normally have to put up the ropes and stakes, which normally takes us 45 minutes, today we did put the RespectZone barrier up in less than 10 minutes”

Steve Todd - Coach
Dean Hulme - Manager
Hillgate Boys FC

Mal Lee

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